Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Day

Europe Vacation 2015:Midsommer Day
On Midsommer Day we went to Vattholma to see the traditional Tug of War contests. We were cheering for the Rasbo Pirates, who came second on this day, and also explains all of the pirate references on the page!  Basically tug of war teams from several small towns in the area come together on this day to have tug of war contests with each other.  It all happens with much fanfare and cheering and was quite an exciting event to be at.

I chose a green theme for this page due to all of the greenery in the photos that I wanted to use.  I bordered the pictures in green, and used a tan accent color to border some of the stickers to help them stand out.  On the left hand page you can see some of the caution tape that was used to cordone off the tug of war area, as well as a unique cone shaped popcorn container that we enjoyed at the event.  I had some popcorn photograph paper which I used to “fill” the cone with popcorn.  Both of these items were bordered in green as well.

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