Europe Vacation 2015: Trip around Bodensee

Europe Vacation 2015: Trip around Bodensee
On the 27th of June the Reichmann family took us on a long trip around Bodensee, which in English is known as the Lake of Constance.  This spread actually shares the entire trip in, even though the next pages share more about each place we visited in detail.   On this one trip on this one day we visited 4 cities in 3 different countries and drove through a fourth country!

Starting on the left side of the spread is a map which is hanging from the brown paper strip running across the page.  I used sticky tabs to mount the brown paper strip, but then also used brads to give it extra strength.  The arrow points to the picture of Klaus and I marking out the route of the trip once we got back that night so that I could remember all that we did.  If the read takes the map out of the plastic protector sheet they can see the exact route that we drove that day highlighted on the map.

The other picture are of scenic pictures that I took from inside the car as we were driving along the route.  On the right hand side you see some journalling, which is unusual for me, but I wanted to layout the trip that we took, so that viewers could understand the context of the next few pages.  I chose road trip and adventure themed background paper for this spread, and I enjoy how it makes the page look like a 19th century scrapbook.

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