Europe Vacation 2015: Flight

Europe Vacation 2015: Flight

Our trip started on a Saturday afternoon and we drove up to Chicago to catch an overnight flight to Copenhagen, Denmark.   We flew on Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and had a pretty good flight.  I attempted to sleep but am not sure that I was too successful at it.  After a short layover in Copenhagen, we flew to Arlanda Airport, one of the airports in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you follow my blog, you know that my style relies heavily on the use of ephemera – items collected during the experience – and you will see several on this page.

TIP: Read this post on “How to organize ephemera on a long trip“.

Maps: I cut the maps out of the airplane magazine and placed two of them on this page.  The square one and the round one.  The square one shows a traditional Mercator Projection, which makes it look like we flew in a large arc.  The round one is a Mollweide projection which tries to capture that the earth is a globe.  From this projection you can see that we pretty much flew a straight line between the two cities.  (Click Here to find out more about Map Projections).  I measured the diameter of the round map and then used my Cricut machine to cut the blue border circle of exactly the correct size.

Tickets and baggage tags:  I placed our tickets and one of the baggage tags on the page and also bordered them in blue to help them stand out on the page.  I like to use ticket stubs on pages because it shows dates and times, and in this case also the routes that we were taking.  In the top left hand corner I used a baggage tag that I picked up from the ticket counter.  I punched a hole in the plastic protector sheet and the page and pushed the elastic through the hold and taped it at the back of the page.  This way it hangs free on the outside of the plastic protector page, and creates a cool effect when the page is opened.

Pictures:  There are three pictures on this page:  1. Selfie of us waiting for the plane taken by my son.  2. The screen at the boarding gate, and 3. a picture of the check-in sign.  I like to take pictures like this as a form of photo journaling that helps remind me of the details of the trip.

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