Europe Vacation 2015: Meersburg, Germany – page 1

Europe Vacation 2015: Meersburg, Germany
The next stop on our tour around the Lake of Constance (Bodensee), was Meersburg, Germany, which is a town that is over 1000 years old!  This is the first of two spreads on this amazing city.

The left hand side showcases a first day stamp cover with a stamp celebrating the 1000 year anniversary of the town.   Since I am also a stamp collector, this was a very cool piece for me to find in a local store.  The background paper was purchased on Ebay and when I got it it had another name of a town on it that we did not end up visiting.  I did not want to waste the paper so I cut out another card map (with the blue border) and used it to cover up the name of the other city.

On the right hand side is a little journalling that I did for this page and the next, as well as pictures of the center of town including the town trumpeter who came out to announce the time and make announcements (see if you can see him above the town flag in the orange clock tower.)
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