Europe Vacation 2015: Meersburg, Germany – Page 2

Europe Vacation 2015: Meersburg, Germany - 2
This is the second spread of our time in Meersburg, Germany.  This was our last stop for the day before heading back to the Reichmann home, and so we stopped at a waterfront restaurant for supper.  It started pouring rain while we were there and we saw an old lady who was painting have her umbrella getting pulled away by the wind.  Luca ran out to help her, but she didn’t want to move and just waited the rain out.

I used an antiqued background papers to highlight the age of this 1000 year old city.  The pictures on the left hand page are of the old castle, a mill, and a local townsman.  The pictures on the right hand page are of the newer castle, some swans, Luca helping the old lady in the rain, and one of my favorites – an elderly man looking out the top window.  If you look at the picture carefully you can also see two paintings on the side of the building, of people looking out windows.  I thought that this was funny and wanted to get a picture of it.

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