2015: First Tattoo

2015: First Tattoo
For my son’s 18th birthday I told him that I would get a matching tattoo with him. Now, before you judge me, I already have 3 other tattoos, and I knew that at 18 he could get a tattoo on his own, so I thought it best to be with him during his first tattoo, and to help pick what it was going to be – so that it didn’t end up being an evil dragon or something crazy.  The tattoo is the adoption symbol, with our adoption date in the middle.  Levi has his on his arm, and I had the same tattoo put over my heart.  We went to Article 19 to get them done.

I choose a darker background for this spread to mimic the black of the tattoo.  The left hand page has the drawing we created to give the artist an idea of what we wanted.  There is also a picture of the tattoo being done, and the business card of the artist.   I used my Cricut machine to cut out the design in the black border, and used the cutout leftover portion for the page, as it was more striking than the cutout itself.

I did use some of the cutout though as an accent on the photograph of the final product on the right hand page.  I used a double border of silver and black on this photograph as it is the only one on this page, and I needed to help it be more commanding of the space.


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