2015: Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier

2015: Venice Beach
The day before Christmas we decided that since we were in California that we had to go to the beach, and what better beaches to go to than Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier!  Since it was December the water was a little cold, but we made sure to put our feet in the water!

We started in Venice Beach and enjoyed all of the oddities there, including Muscle Beach,  and then we walked north on the Beach to Santa Monica and walked out on the pier to the beginning or end of Route 66 (Depending on which way you are going!).    On the Santa Monica Pier we stopped to get a picture at Bubba Gumps!

The theme for this spread was Beach (surprise!) and I used several different papers to create the page border effect.  I decided to push all of the pictures together to mat them.  This allowed for more space for the beach paper to shine.  Notice that on the left hand page that I cut the bottom left, and the top right pictures to fit in with the other two.  This was because they were landscape oriented and did not fit if they were not cut.

Notice also that I managed to get a shell that we collected from the beach on to the page as well.

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