2015: Queen Mary

2015: Queen Mary

2015: Queen Mary

After visiting with Henry’s extended family for a bit, we headed out to see the Queen Mary, located in the Los Angeles harbor.  The Queen Mary was constructed starting in 1930 and had her maiden voyage in 1936.  She has quite a history serving as a luxury liner, then as a wartime troopship, and then finally back to a cruise liner.  She was retired in 1967 after her final voyage to Long Beach, California, where she now serves as a hotel and historical site.

Henry and I took the official tour, which I recommend doing, as you get to see some behind the scenes rooms, that General Admission guests do not get to see.  After the tour we wandered around the open parts of the ship and encountered some of the ghosts.

For this spread I chose an old world map background page for the left side, and a complimentary colored and designed background for the right hand side.  I chose these colors to match the color of the smoke stacks on the ship, as well as Henry’s red shirt.

The left hand page has a cardboard cutout of a ship that I cut out with my Cricut machine, as well as a business card, post card, and tour ticket.  I also attached the Guide map for the ship to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the viewer could open it to see it fully.

The right hand page has two of the professional photographs that we had taken at the beginning of the tour (OK – so we didn’t see ghosts!), as well as two pictures of Henry that I took on the deck.  I choose to double mat the four photographs to give a little more definition on the busy background page.

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