2017: Universal Studios - Harry Potter Intro

Spring Break 2017 – Orlando: Universal Studios – Harry Potter Intro

2017: Universal Studios - Harry Potter Intro
This is the opening 2 pages to a 6-page spread that starts our Harry Potter Universal Adventure.  I created the 6-page spread using two panoramic fold out page protectors. I was very excited about this spread, even before we went on the trip as I knew in advance that I wanted to do something like this.  I wanted to use the panoramic pages so that the bricks could open to reveal the magic entrance to Diagon Alley – just like the movies, and very similar to the entrance to Diagon Alley at Universal.

To get to Diagon Alley you have to go to the King’s Cross Station area at Universal Studios, and then enter through the nondescript brick wall entrance.  Many people do not even know that it is there – see the picture in the bottom right hand corner – that is the entrance to a huge section of the park which is Diagon Alley!

Another fun thing about this page is that the picture right in the middle is 12 Grimauld Place, which in the movies can only be revealed through a magic incantation and the other buildings move apart so that you can see it.  I placed it in the middle so that when the pages are opened it is split in half.  If you look closely in the middle right window you can see Kreacher looking back out at you.  Every once and a while he pulls back the curtain and looks out.

On the left are pictures of the Knight bus, and the conductor and Dre head who would love to have a conversation with you.  Also, in the top right hand corner is a picture of my son in the telephone booth that is nearby.  If you go into the booth and dial “MAGIC” you will be connected to someone very special.

I used brick paper for this spread to mimic the magic wall entrance of Diagon Alley, and bordered it with red columns, cut using my Cricut Machine, to mimic the columns on the Diagon Alley entrance.

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