2017: Hogsmeade

Spring Break 2017 – Orlando: Hogsmeade and Chocolate Frogs

2017: Hogsmeade
I had fun creating this spread.  The left-hand side is pictures of Hogsmeade and the right-hand side is ephemera from the Chocolate Frog that we purchased at Honeydukes.

I chose a chocolate and brown theme for this spread to highlight the chocolate in the candy store.  The title and Ron Weasley cartoon were purchased on Ebay, and I outlined the pictures in white to help create the transition from the brightness of the photographs to the darkness of the background paper.  I used a triple torn edge border to help create interest on the plain background paper.

Orlando 2017: Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs 3DFor the right-hand page I took the cardboard box from the chocolate frog and carefully disassembled it so that it would lay flat on the page.  Part of what is cool is that you can put it back together on the page and it will stick up like a diamond on the page.

2017: Chocolate Frog
If you flip the cardboard box back it will reveal a Rowena Ravenclaw trading card.  In order to help protect the trading card I carefully cut the plastic page protector so that I could slip that part under the protector, and the remainder is above the plastic so that it can be moved.

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