2017: Fear Factor

Spring Break 2017 – Orlando: Fear Factor

2017: Fear Factor
One of my son’s favorite shows at Universal Studios is “Fear Factor“.  One of the audience member challenges is spinning a choice wheel and whatever they land on is then put on their head while their head is inside a see through box – see the pictures!  I themed most of this page around this particular part of the show.

The left-hand pages have pictures of the entrance sign, stage, us with the director of the show, and the “Wheel of Fear”!  The right-hand page is of the “volunteer” having scorpions being put on her head.  I used a Cricut cutout of a spider however on the page, since I couldn’t find a good one of a scorpion.

The background paper is actually from a Harry Potter paper set – it is the colors of Ravenclaw and Gryffindor.  I used different colors for each of the pages, and then used the opposite one to border the pictures.  This helps to bring the two pages together into one spread.

We have visited this show in the past, and here is the scrapbook spread from that time:  2013 Fear Factor.

: Fear Factor Show at Universal

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