Germany 2017: Flight home through Stockholm

Germany 2017: Flight home through Stockholm, Sweden

Germany 2017: Flight home through StockholmPart of the reason that I think my flight home was so cheap was that I flew a different airline home (Swiss Air), and I had a 23 hour layover in Stockholm at Arlanda Airport.  Originally I thought that I would be able to visit with our Swedish exchange student, but it turned out that his work had taken him to the north of Sweden so we did not get to visit.  But, that was fine, because there is a great hotel at the Arlanda Airport – The Clarion, and I got to get some good rest and sleep before continuing on home.  This is the same hotel that we stayed at on our 2015 trip – see scrapbook.

This is the final page of the album and contains the tickets for my two flights home, a Swedish bumper sticker that I purchased at the airport, and a picture of the air traffic control tower that I took from my hotel room.  I chose a cloud theme to play off of the flight tickets and used a wide blue torn edge border to finish the look.  I bordered the control tower photograph in white so that it would stand out against the dark blue border.

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