Cancun 2017: Swim with the Dolphins

Cancun 2017: Swim with the Dolphins

Cancun 2017: Swim with the Dolphins
Another thing that I was able to mark off of my bucket list on this trip was a Dolphin Encounter.  I realized that it was much cheaper to do this while in Mexico than to do it the United States, so on the last day of our trip we went to swim with the Dolphins at Dolphinaris.  This was an incredible experience and I highly recommend it.  I will just say from experience that it is important to make sure that your swim wear fits very tightly!

I was able to find the “Dolphin Discovery” paper on Ebay, which worked perfectly for this spread.  I took the top left photo of my son, but all of the other pictures are the professional pictures that were taken at the event.  I attached the brochure to the outside of the plastic page protector so that it could be opened to be viewed.

I thought that the CD that our professional photographs came on was cool, and so I included it on the page.  I was able to find some adhesive backed clear CD pockets on Ebay.  They are normally used to put a CD into the cover of a book – but I purchased a set of them, and used that to put this on the page.  That way the CD is protected, but unless you look carefully, you cannot see the pocket that it is in.

: Swimming with the Dolphins at Dolphinaris.

Dolphin Discovery

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