2011: Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking Trip – Bierstadt Lake

On our fifth day we took a day hike to Bierstadt Lake. I am pretty proud of this spread because of the unique materials I used and some unique techniques.

The background for the right-hand page and the date title are actually very thin pieces of wood which are a little flexible, but thicker than most cardstock. The Elk and trees are part of a laser cut set that I put directly on the wood, and the darker part behind them that looks like a mountain range is actually a darker discoloration in the wood.

I created the date block using a soldering tool and used it to burn the wood. I used a left-over cutout from the other dates in this spread to pencil the template and then burned in the inside – I really love the way that this turned out. I used a corner punch to round the edges of the photos and the wood pieces. I had to punch the wood pieces very carefully and slowly so that the wood would not crack.

I cut the hiking trail map so that you can see the route that we took that day and placed it next to the hiking patch for that trail. My son had a great time taking pictures on this trip and took the picture of me napping with my sunglasses on and the clouds reflected in the sunglasses.

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