2019: Alisa and Camron Watlington Wedding

In the summer of 2019, I was invited to the wedding of good friends, Alisa and Camron Watlington in North Carolina, which resulted in a fun road trip, with a friend, Austin. We drove all the way the wedding sight in one day, and the next day I went to the wedding while Austin rested in the hotel.

This spread has pictures from the wedding and the reception. I chose the background paper based on the menu from the reception. I bordered the 4 pictures on the left-hand page with a solid dark brown paper which helps the photos to stand out on the busy background. The white items in the middle of these photos are cloth petals that were on the tables at the reception. I used my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch to punch a hole through the petals and the papers to use a brad to attach them to the page. I did this because the petals are opaque, and I did not want the adhesive tabs to show through.

On the right-hand page I used a dark simple patterned paper to border the picture and the menu. This doesn’t stand out quite as nicely as a pure solid background, but it does look like on the menu on the right-hand side where it is on top of the piece of lace ribbon that I attached the layout. I used clear tape to attach the ribbon on the backside of the background paper after folding it over the edge of the paper.

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