2019: Road Trip through North Carolina – Mt Airy – Home of Andy Griffith

On our way back from the wedding we took many detours to see historic and fun places, and on the trip, we found some things that were not even on the must-see list! This spread shares some cool places that we visited on the way home.

Starting on the left-hand page, the two photos on the top are from Mt Airy, NC – the birthplace of Andy Griffith, and these statues are on the grounds of Andy Griffith Playhouse. We had hoped to do more in My Airy, but it was a Sunday morning, and few things were open yet. So, we stopped by and got some pictures with Andy!

The bottom two pictures are of an antique store that we saw on the side of the road – it also was closed on Sunday, but we got some great pictures.

The right-hand page is of an abandoned hotel on the side of the mountain complete with water wheel. It looks like at one time it was quite the resort, but it was in a state of disrepair, which was sad to see, but we also got some great pictures of it as well!

The borders on the sides were created with a jagged edge tearing tool from Creative Memories which I used quite a bit.

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