2019: Henry Ford - Greenfield Village

2019: Henry Ford – Greenfield Village

2019: Henry Ford - Greenfield Village

Our first day at The Henry Ford complex was at Greenfield Village. During his lifetime Henry Ford moved many historical homes and buildings to the Henry Ford complex near Detroit, MI. It is an amazing way to see a lot of American History in one place. This spread shows some of the buildings on the property. There is a lot to see (look at their online map), and it will take a full day to get experience all that is in this part of the complex.

On the left-hand page is a picture of the Heinz House, us with a statue of Henry Ford, and the antique animated bell ringers at the Bennet Sweet Shop. I chose a red and maroon color theme for this spread based on the color of the Heinz home sign and the color of ketchup. If you look closely in the middle of this page there is a ketchup bottle spilling ketchup out over the page. I cut the bottle using my Cricut Machine.

The right-hand page has a windmill, covered bridge, and a steam engine that we were fortunate enough to ride around the facility first thing in the morning. I create silhouttes of a windmill and a train engine using the Cricut Machine. In order to create good balance, the windmill actually is cut so that it is partially on the left-hand page. I made these black so that the viewer would see the pictures first, and then their eyes would find the items in the pictures referenced in the design.

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