2019: The Henry Ford – Vintage Ford Ride

In late June of 2019 a family friend and I took a road trip up to Detroit, Michigan to experience everything at The Henry Ford. This is a multiday experience if you wish to see everything, and it took us two full days to do it quickly. If you like to see everything and move a little slower, I suggest going for three days. Over the next few days, I will share several spreads from this amazing experience.

To start the set, I created this opening page sharing our official picture while riding in the vintage Ford car. The picture is a little dark and was that way when we received it. I complimented the dark picture with a color selfie that we took ourselves while on the ride.

I chose to keep the design simple on this to make it easier to see us in the dark picture. I cut out the vintage car using my Cricut Machine. I then cut it in half so that I could put one part on each side of the spread. I also used the “draw” feature of the Cricut Machine to write out the Henry Ford signature which I found online in an SVG format. I used a black border paper for the signature and the photos to hint at the only color that early Fords came in. The borders on the edge of the paper are washi tape – which I do not use very often but worked nicely on this spread.

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