2019: National Corvette Museum – Page 2

If you are already not aware, in 2014 part of the museum collapsed into a giant sinkhole that had formed underneath the Skydome part of the museum. You can see video of this below. The Corvette Museum has a special exhibit dedicated to the Sinkhole Cave and this is what the righthand page focuses on.

On the righthand page you can see a picture of the sinkhole when it happened, and pictures of the museum in its current form. There is an outline on the floor of where it collapsed as well as some of the cars that were recovered. In the middle of these pictures, I put a put a photograph of looking down the manhole entrance into the cave which you can see from the museum floor.

The lefthand page uses as its background the leftover cutout from the previous page. With this careful cut and placements, I was able to get two background pages from one cut of paper. I put a postcard from the museum giftshop on this page along with the map of the museum, which is attached to the outside of the plastic page protector so that the reader can open it to view.

Skydome Collapse Video:

Here is some video of me making this scrapbook spread. Not quite as exciting as seeing expensive cars fall into a hole in the ground, but anyway:

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