Canada Cruise 2010: Dining

Canada Cruise 2010: Dining

Canada Cruise 2010: Dining

When I was planning our cruise trip my friends told me that we would eat non stop and that I would gain ten pounds.  I did not believe them – but I should have because sure enough, when I got home I had gained ten pounds!

This spread showcases several of the amazing meals that we had while on the cruise.

Cruise Dining Tip: When having sit down meals you can order more than one thing off of the menu.  I learned this the first night when our table neighbors got two desserts!  I asked them how they did that and they told me that you could order more than one meal.  So for every meal afterwards I ordered everything that I wanted to try – which is probably why I gained ten pounds!

If you notice the bottom left hand picture you will see that my son’s expression is “Why are you taking pictures at every meal?”  You will also notice that he was getting a lot of sun at the pool!

Design element: If you look carefully at the right hand page you will notice that the borders for the 4 pictures is actually just one piece of paper that I cut around the outline of the pictures.  I did this because there was not enough room on the page to give every picture its own border and for it to still look good.

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