2021: Spring Break 2021 – Montgomery, Alabama – The Legacy Museum

This is the last spread from my Spring Break 2021 trip and is of The Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. I did not take any pictures inside of the museum as it felt disrespectful to do so, and it may not have been allowed. As with the other spreads dedicated to the civil rights part of this trip I chose a stark black background for this spread and chose no other decoration or embellishments.

The two photographs on the right-hand side are postcards from the museum store, and all of the other items are brochures from the location that have been affixed to the outside of the plastic page protector so that they can be opened and read by the viewer. My hope with this spread is to cause the reader to pause, learn and reflect on these historical events that we all must wrestle with.

The two photos are of a collection of glass jars that contain soil from historical lnyching sites around the country and more about these can be discovered at The Legacy Museum website which shares: “A stunning exhibit containing 800 jars of soil collected around the country as part of EJI’s Community Remembrance Project is a unique and powerful display of the growing community response to reckoning with this painful past.

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