2021: Wrist Surgery

I apologize if this spread makes you feel a little queezy – I know that I would feel that way if this wasn’t my hand. I do want to share that my wrist surgery was not the result of scrapbooking too much! I actually believe that it happened because of the 12 tons of decorative rock that I moved by hand in a wheelbarrow in August and September of 2020. But my yard ended up looking nice and I even made a scrapbook page of the results which you can see HERE.

This spread brings together a group of pictures from just before the surgery, to right after, and then three stages of healing over the next few weeks. I am happy to share that I feel fully recovered at this point. I debated if I should make such a spread, as the photos were mainly to send to my son to show him the progress so that he would not worry about me. But when I printed about 700 other photos this came as well, and I decided to make this spread.

Starting from the left you can see a title block which I made using my Cricut machine. I used a jagged edge tearing tool to create the torn borders, and my hospital wrist band borders the right-hand side (blurred). I attached all of the photos directly to the background page using double sided adhesive tape, and then used my sewing machine to stick the borders of the photos right to the background. I chose a sewing pattern that matched the stiches in my wrist! I have used this technique a couple of other times – including my favorite – my son’s Senior Album. Just be careful with your sewing machine if you try this technique. The cardstock can be harder than fabric – so you may want to use a sturdy needle and have a couple on hand in case they break. I actually bought a cheap sewing machine at Walmart, just to use for paper piecing (sewing paper together) so that I wouldn’t damage the sewing machine used for fabrics.

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