2022: Old Red - Blake Shelton

2022: Old Red – Blake Shelton

2022: Old Red - Blake Shelton

As part of our day trip to Tishomingo, Oklahoma during Spring Break 2022 we ate at Blake Shelton’s restaurant, Ole Red. We got there right when it opened so we had no wait and enjoyed some amazing food and good music.

This spread was really fun to put together and I used Cricut Design Space and my Cricut machine to their fullest potential. I selected a patriotic background paper which coordinates with the picture of the American flag made out of shotgun shells on the left-hand page, and also matches the red logo of the restaurant. I was originally going to cut out graphics to fit on the page, but I really liked these intricate graphics which I knew would be too hard to cut out and put back together, so instead I used the draw feature and pen function of my Cricut machine to design the matting and the graphics. Let me tell you that this took a long time for the machine to create because of how many lines and designs there are – but in the end I feel that it was worth it.

The right-hand page has pictures of the restaurant logo on the front door, and a picture of the stage in the restaurant. The left-hand page has a sticker of Ole Red himself. To get the matting to work properly I actually found an SVG of this sticker online and imported it into Cricut Design Space and then used the offset feature to mat around it. I then deleted the graphic and used the sticker instead.

To watch the creative process that resulted in this page watch the video on the Mascrapping YouTube channel:

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