Europe Vacation 2015: Constance

Europe Vacation 2015: Constance
On June 29th we had a restful day. I took time to do our laundry as we were running out of clothes, and our exchange student, Luca, went to school. When Luca returned from school he took us to Constance, Germany.   Constance has an interesting history in that in the early 1400’s a very important Council of the Catholic church was held here.  A really cool rotating statue was placed in Constance in the harbor in 1993 called the Imperia.

The background paper for this spread is antique map design and I used a plain brown border for the photographs, since the background paper is so busy.  On the left hand page is the building where the Council took place, the Imperia, an entrance statue to the harbor, and a picture of us holding gelatto standing on the shore.

The right hand page has pictures of the the town square, and fountains and statues in the square.  I also journalled a little bit about this day, as I knew that it would be hard for me to keep the details straight after all of the cities and towns that we had visited on this stage of our adventure.

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