Cancun 2017: Cenote Ik Kil

Cancun 2017: Cenote Ik Kil

Cancun 2017: Cenote Ik Kil
This spread is one of my favorites in this album and shares the adventure of visiting Cenote Ik Kil during our excursion day to Chichen Itza.  A cenote is a sunken hole in the ground that has a deep water pool in it.  There are hundreds of these in this part of Mexico.  Apparently they used to throw human sacrifices into them during the Mayan empire!

We had about 1 hour to spend here and my son loved it!  I, on the other hand, like that I had the experience but I found it quite scary.  The water was cold and very dark, and there were so many people in the water that I thought that I was going to get pulled under by kids who were panicking.  After spending about 10 minutes in the pool I climbed back out so that I could retrieve my camera to take these pictures.

The reason that I like this spread so much is the hidden symbolism in the design.  I chose a green theme since the area was very lush and green.  The black oval in the background represents the deep pool of water in the cenote, and the green strips represent the roots that were hanging down from plants into the water (which you can see in all of the pictures).  I cut the title and the oval on my Cricut machine.  I used as 12×24 mat to cut the oval so that it could be bigger that a 12×12 page.

I used the two accent greens for the “roots” and the double torn edge borders for the page.  In the top right hand side is a vellum quote that I had in a Quotables stack, and I affixed this to the page with rivets using my Crop-A-Dile Big Bite Punch, since it is difficult to use adhesives on vellum.

: Video a group dive at Cenote Ik Kil.

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