2007: Horseback Riding

2007: Horseback Riding

2007: Horseback Riding

When my son moved in with me I joined the YMCA for several reasons.  One was that we could take advantage of the swimming pools at several of the YMCAs in San Diego, another reason was that my son wanted to attend day camps in the summer put on by the Y, and we got a discount if we were members, and third, they had a special group for parents that was a parent/child group that had outings once a month that we could go on with other families.

One of the trips that we did with this group was horseback riding.  This was my son’s first time on a horse and he had a great experience.

I didn’t do too much exciting on this page, but I love the way that it turned out.  I used pre-made paper and Jolee’s sticker packets for the embellishments.  On the right hand page I surrounded the page with small gauge rope affixed with brads that go through the paper.  While this looks really cool, it made it very difficult to get into the plastic sheet protector and it has permanently warped the protector page.  If you look closely at the picture you can see this.

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