Canada Cruise 2010: Entertainment at Sea

Canada Cruise 2010: Entertainment at Sea

Canada Cruise 2010: Entertainment at Sea

One of the things that I was worried about on the cruise was that we would get bored while we were at sea.  Boy was I wrong, there was a full list of activities for kids and adults while we were at Sea.

One of the things that I did was go to the “Art Auctions” that were held.  I went twice and got two free “pieces of art” which are mounted on the left hand page.  Cruise Tip: Be wary of the Art Auctions while the provided free drinks and it was a fun experience, I am not sure that there was much real art – most of it were prints and giclee‘s that I am sure could have been purchased cheaper on land at a gallery.  In addition to the winning bid, there was a buyers fee which made it more expensive, and then shipping fees because most pieces could not be taken through an airport.  I think that what was happening was that you bid on a reproduction and then they just mailed a copy to you from some warehouse somewhere.  I would not really call it a “fine art” auction.  But it was still fun and something to do.

On the right hand page is my son’s wrist band that he had to wear because he was not yet 13 in case we were separated during an emergency.  I also put in his Circle C picture that was taken when he was participating in some of the kids activities.  It was wonderful to be able to drop him off and not worry about him while I relaxed.  They had supervised activities and I always knew where he was in case I needed to find him.

Canada Cruise 2010: Entertainment at Sea - Closeup

In this view you can see what the folder looks like open.  I carefully cut two slits in the plastic page protector for the folder to slide through so that the picture  is still under plastic.  I did this by:

  1. Placing the background paper inside the plastic protector
  2. Placing the picture folder on top of the plastic protector where I wanted it to be
  3. Sliding the picture folder to the right about 1/4 of an inch, so that the fold of the picture folder would overlap the plastic a little on the left side.  I did the same for the right side.  This keeps the plastic protector from tearing when people are viewing the page.  I then used an Exacto knife to carefully score the plastic on each side.
  4. Using a pair of sharp pointed scissors to carefully cut along the scored lines.
  5. Putting sticky tabs on the back of the picture folder and sliding it through the cut in the plastic and then pushing down on the plastic and picture folder to secure it in place.

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