2009: Holiday World 3

2009: Holiday World 3

2009: Holiday World 3

My son was afraid of roller coasters and refused to go on them, which is disappointing if you are at a park with a lot of them.  My friend Adam offered my son $20 if he would ride a roller coaster with him, which my son did, and then decided that he loved roller coasters!  We could hardly get him off them at that point.  In fact I think he rode The Voyage six times in a row!

I made this spread specifically to celebrate that my son now would ride roller coasters.  If you look carefully at the pictures on the right hand page you will see that they represent 5 of 6 different trips.  I had fun placing these pictures in the curve of the track so that you could get a feel for the motion of the ride.

The ride name plates came from ephemera that I purchased at the park gift shop.

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