Europe Vacation Title Page

First Scrapbook: Europe Vacation 2002

Europe Vacation Title Page

Europe Vacation Title Page

This was my first scrapbook page that I made.  Please don’t judge the whole blog by this one page :).  I made it ten years ago and I have definitely learned some better techniques and design since.

I took a one-month trip to Europe in the Summer of 2002, which was an adventure since it was on the heels of 9/11, and travel tensions were high, and being an American in Europe at the time was heavy.  I went with Contiki Tour group and visited 11 countries in 30 days which was a whirlwind, but I did get to see a lot, and that helped to determine which places I would like to go back and visit again.

I took over 1000 pictures and ended up making two photo albums to cover the trip.  My mother, who was already into scrapbooking at the time, helped me to p

Creative Memories Travel Scrapbook Album

Creative Memories Travel Scrapbook Album

ut these together over two full weekends that we spent together.  I used two Creative Memory scrapbooks, which unfortunately are no longer available, for the collection.  These books have hard pages that we attached the scrapbook pages too and then covered with plastic from the side.  I have since learned that I do not prefer this method, as you have to mount the scrapbook pages to the album, which makes rearranging them very difficult, and the plastic covers are often difficult to place over the pages.

Unfortunately, because of the way the pages are attached to the album and the difficulty of removing the plastic covers, all the pictures from these albums will have the plastic protectors on them, which diminishes the quality of the pictures of the pages.

I am looking forward to sharing my work with you :).  It will take a while to upload all of my work over the past 10 years, but I want to upload it chronologically so that you can see my development as a male scrapbooker.

About this page:

While this page is very simple, it was important for me to cut out from a map only the countries which I visited on this trip.  That way one could view the Title Page and immediately see which countries the vacation included.

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