Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria

Europe Vacation: Mauthasen Concentration Camp, Austria

Europe Vacation: Mauthausen Concentration Camp, Austria

The hardest part of our trip was visiting Mauthausen Concentration camp in Austria.  In the midst of fun and museums and art and food we were faced with the reality of Europe during World War 2.  Mauthausen was a quarry concentration camp were many were worked to death.  But as part of the “Final Solution” many were killed outright here as well.

I wanted these pages to reflect the gloom and solemnity that I felt while I was here so I chose a muted plain gray for the background.  The barbwire border was created using a wave edge ruler to make a wave pattern and then off centering it and doing it again.  I then used a fine tipped marker to mark the barbs on the patter to make it look like barbed wire.  I also placed the photographs in a square symmetrical pattern to represent the walls of the camp and the increasing trap that they had become.

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