Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Entrance

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios - Entrance

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Entrance

Our next park to visit was Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  I wanted to highlight a cool feature of Disney’s Photopass on this page.  If you look at the center picture on the right hand page you will see that my son and I are pointing at Stitch from “Lilo and Stitch“.  Several of the Disney Photographers will have you make faces, point, or look a certain direction and then digitally insert a character – this was one of my favorites from the trip.  You will noticed that all of the pictures from this page have Disney character enhancements.

Disney Tip: Photopass The Photopass is a card that you give each professional photographer and they scan it before taking your picture. When you get home from your trip you can go online and choose the pictures you want, edit them, and add in some fun Disney characters and then have them printed, or sent to you on a CD. My sister and her family had gone to Disney a couple weeks before we did, so we shared a card to help share the cost.

You will also notice the Disney Hollywood Studios paper on the left hand page, and the copper coin on the right hand page.  Both of these were purchased a the Disney Hotel gift store.

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