Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Muppets and Power Rangers

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios - Muppets and Power Rangers

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Muppets and Power Rangers

Disney’s Hollywood Studios hosts the Muppets 3D movie which we enjoyed, and my son had opportunity to compare moves with the White Power Ranger.

I wanted to take opportunity to highlight the Muppet embellishments on this page.  I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a craft store that was closing and selling its inventory on eBay.com.  They were selling a lot of 300 stickers and I won the bid at $289 – less than $1 per packet.  I sorted out all the Disney ones and then resold the remaining ones on eBay.  I ended up about breaking even and getting about 100 sticker packets out of the transactions. Kermit and Miss Piggy came from this collection.  You will notice many more in the pages to come.

Something that I usually do before I go on a trip is set up automated eBay searches for items from the place I am about to visit, and if I am patient can often get great deals on stickers and embellishments.

The white piece of paper in the bottom right hand corner is from my son’s Disney character autograph book.  I bordered all of the photographs, journal block, and autograph in a thin black border.  This helps to distinguish the edge of these items, and keeps them from blurring into the busy background paper.

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