Disney Vacation 2008: Magic Kingdom – Tomorrowland

Disney Vacation 2008: Magic Kingdom

Disney Vacation 2008: Magic Kingdom

We got up super early to enjoy the Disney hotel early access at the Magic Kingdom and it was cold and rainy.  I thought that it was going to ruin the day – but no one else was there so we almost had the park to ourselves!  Above is opening spread introducing the reader to the Magic Kingdom.  I used the Magic Kingdom map from the scrapbook kit and the coin from the collection that I bought at the hotel gift shop.  The Title was cut using my Cricut machine.  I think if I were to do this page over I would put a solid border behind the lettering to help it stand out better – probably in a light blue.

Disney Tip: When it is raining, still go to the parks everyone else won’t want to venture out and you will have the rides and shows all to yourself.    There are many indoor things to do at all of the parks, and you can do them before the crowds arrive when the weather gets better.  We went to the Laugh Floor and they ran the show with only 6 people there – of course that meant that there weren’t that many people there to be “that guy”, so I was “that guy”.  P.s. – if you don’t understand what this means it means that you haven’t been to the Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland yet – it is a must do funny show.

Disney Vacation 2008: Magic Kingdom - Tomorrowland

Disney Vacation 2008: Magic Kingdom – Tomorrowland

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I wanted to highlight the left hand page, not necessarily for its unique design, but rather to point out that if something goes wrong on your adventure – take pictures anyway and scrap about how it went wrong!  My son and I still laugh when we see this page because we got all wet, and we remember how we had the park all to ourselves.

The right hand side does have a neat design element to it.  My son rode the Rockets 5 times in a row.  I got sick after the first ride because I was trying to take pictures and video while spinning around and I got off!  You can see that I took pictures from above him and below him while on the ride, and then a below picture when I was not riding the ride.  Putting all of these different pictures together gives the page a feeling of motion and movement.


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