Disney Vacation 2008: Fantasyland

Disney Vacation 2008: Fantasyland

Disney Vacation 2008: Fantasyland

We got up super early on this day to take advantage of the Disney guest early open hours. But when we walked outside it was raining! I was disappointed but decided to go anyway, and it really paid off! Since it was raining we were able to ride most of the rides in Fantasyland fairly quickly.  If you have been there before you know that many rides in Fantasyland can have the longest lines in the park!

Disney Tip: Fantasyland – Ride the rides in Fantasyland at night – by then most kids are tired and tired parents have taken them back to the hotels.
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I was trying to figure out how to showcase six different rides from this part of the park all on the same spread when I can up with the idea of using just single pictures from each event.  I was fortunate enough to be able to find 3-D stickers for each of the rides to use, and I found “Its a small world” paper to tie the rides together.  You will notice that I placed the stickers right over the photographs.  Be careful if you do this as you will not have opportunity to reposition them if you make a mistake.  This is usually true with most stickers, but when putting them on top of photographs it is doubly true.

Did you notice my son’s score on the Buzz Light year ride?  He maxed out the scoreboard – I didn’t even know that was possible and thought it was just broken.  But – when we got home I found out that it is possible to do this.  Disney Tip: How to get the High Score on Buzz Light Yearcan be found by clicking here.

Disney Tip: Sword in the Stone – Make sure your kids try to pull out the swordThere is a cast member nearby who using a remote control allows some guests to actually move the sword.  For others it wont move at all.  I have noticed that if the dads try first, then young children miraculously can do it after their big strong dads can’t!

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  1. My Aunt – who is an expert scrapbooker just shared this with me:

    “I noticed you said you are stuck with stickers on photos once they are attached. I use Un-du and just unstick them right away. It doesn’t harm the photo (try it on some throw-away photos to see if you agree), and the sticker is able to be repositioned after it dries because it still is sticky. It all dries VERY quickly, so work fast.”


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