Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Beauty and the Beast

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios - Beauty and the Beast

Disney Vacation 2008: Hollywood Studios – Beauty and the Beast

This was a very hard page for me to think about and design.  The difficulty is that I was trying to design a masculine Disney scrapbook, and there is not too much masculine about Beauty and the Beast, never mind fancy costumes, ball gowns and a musical :).  So, I just decided that it would have to look feminine.

The left-hand page has a wonderful design that I cut using my Cricut machine and the Home Accents cartridge. At the top of the right hand page you will notice a stamp and postmark.  I bought the full envelope at one of Disney’s Hollywood Studio gift stores thinking that I could use it to hold ephemera but realized that it was too big, so I cut it down and mounted it on this page.  Hopefully no philatelists will get made at me for doing this :).

A cool technique that I used on this page was to use a corner cutter to cut into the photographs and then to leave the borders straight.  This added an elegant touch to match the elegance of this love story.

Disney Tip: Get to shows earlyUse the daily schedule that is given to you when you enter the park to determine when shows are.  If you show up 30 to 45 minutes early, you will be at the front of the line and will be able to sit in the first few rows.  I find this to be important so that I can get good close-up shots like the ones you see in this spread.

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