Aruba Vacation 2009: Flight, Taxi and Passports

Aruba Vacation 2009: Travel and passports

Aruba Vacation 2009: Travel and passports

The first thing that I must share about this album is that I did not create a chronological story.  Rather I selected themes from the trip and selected pictures from several different times to put them together to highlight the theme.  This is one way to create a memory scrapbook if you are in a relatively small place for a length of time.

For example this page chronicles our trip to our Hotel in Aruba. But the picture of the airport and the picture of the plane landing were actually taken at two different times during the trip.  The airport picture was taken on a helicopter tour and the the plane landing was taken from our jeep tour.

The left hand page has a collection of ephemera from the trip – our boarding passes, and a H1N1 warning that was given to us at customs.  Something that I am proud of on this page is that I used a color photocopier to copy the pages from out passports in which the Aruban customs stamped our passports.  They turned out so good that they look like the real thing.  The passport book is a fake scrapbook passport that I bought at a scrapbook store.

Aruba TipWhen you land at the airport take a taxi to your hotel.  While they are more expensive, you will beat the other tourists to your hotel and not have to stand in line to check in.  I had heard that this was a good tip before we went and it was.  We were checked in and on the beach before the other people on our plane had arrived at the hotel.  It is a more expensive option but saves tons of hassle.  As you can see from the picture on this page our taxi driver didn’t look forward very much when driving!  But on the plus side, we learned a lot about Aruba in our first few minutes on the island.

Airport Transportation:

  1. Take the bus – cheaper but will take longer – Bus Airport transfer – round trip – starting at $20 per person.
  2. Get a taxi at the airport – more expensive, but you will arrive earlier than the bus.
  3. Book a private taxi in advancePrivate Airport Transport – round trip – more expensive than finding your own taxi, but much more convenient.

We booked a bus transfer at the end of our trip to take us back to the airport and it worked out just fine to get us back to the airport.

Baby Beach Jeep Adventure – $100.99

Hop into a jeep for a fun-filled four-wheeling adventure to some of the most beautiful sites in Aruba! Visit Arikok National Park, see one of Aruba’s hidden treasures – the Seroe Colorado Natural Bridge and lounge on the white sand of Baby Beach.


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