Washington DC 2012: Senator Letter and Titanic Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Senator Letter and Titanic Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Senator Letter and Titanic Memorial

The left hand page showcases the letter that we received from Senator Richard Lugar welcoming us to Washington DC.  We received this letter when we requested tour tickets to the White House through the Senator’s Office.  Since I received it before we left on the trip I thought that it was appropriate to put it on the first page.

Washington DC Travel Tip: If you are planning on going to Washington DC and want to visit the White House you must request a tour through your Senator at least 90 days in advance. (The website says six months to 21 days in advance – but it you wait that long you will not get tickets).  You will not get to see the inside of the White House if you do not do this in advance.  Also note – they don’t let you know until a few days in advance of the date and time of your tour – so be very flexible with your other plans until you find out the dates and times of these tours. Find out more information HERE.

The right hand page shows our adventure from our first night in Washington DC.  We had been in the car all day and wanted to go for a short walk.  I looked at a map and realized that the Washington DC  Titanic Memorial was a little bit up the road from our hotel so we decided to walk to it.  My son had fun pretending to be a statue as well :).

For this album I purchased a lot of patriotic background papers, and you will see some on this page.  Unlike some of my other albums that I have created around themes rather than chronological – you will notice that this album is purely chronological, and the date is placed prominently in each group of pages. I used my Cricut machine to cut out the date on this page, and you will notice that I used the same font for the date in all of the remaining pages of the album.  This helps to bring continuity to the whole project.

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