Washington DC 2012: Tour – White House and World War 2 Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Tour - White House and World War 2 Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Tour – White House and World War 2 Memorial

Washington DC Tours

Our first full day in Washington DC we took a guided tour with iGuide Tours.  I had been watching Groupon.com for special deals in Washington DC, and was fortunate enough to find a great deal with iGuide.  When we arrived to take the tour we realized that we were the only people on the tour and so we had a privately guided tour for the entire afternoon.  Our guide was Robert Goffredi, and he was an incredible guide.  He even walked us to a favorite Chinese restaurant of his at the end of the tour.

Vacation Tip: Join Groupon.com (for free) and add your vacation cities to your watch list a few months in advance – you can get great deals on vacation fun.  In fact, almost this entire trip was planned around good deals from Groupon.com.

Our tour started with a trip to the White House (we got to see the inside a few days later) and the World War II Memorial.  On the left hand page you will see that we loved our guide so much that we had to get him in our pictures.  On the right hand page I highlight the World War II memorial.  The brochure on the right hand side of the page is affixed to the plastic page protector so that readers can open it to discover more about the memorial.  If you look carefully in the bottom right hand corner you will see a small photograph (sorry that it is hard to make out in this picture), that says “Kilroy was here“.  Our guide showed this to us on the memorial – and mentioned that not many people know that it is part of the memorial.

Vacation Tip: A guided tour of popular tourist sights is worth it.  While it does cost money to do this, the tour guides often know the ins and outs of traffic and tourist patterns, and can make more efficient use of your time.  They also know small things of interest to see that most tourists don’t know are there, and can offer important historical facts that you won’t read in the brochures.  


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