Washington DC 2012: Washington Monument

Washington DC 2012: Washington Monument

Washington DC 2012: Washington Monument

Washington DC Tours
The next stop on our guided tour was the Washington Monument.  The Monument had been damaged by the Earthquake in 2011 and was not open to the public so we could not get very close, and I took these pictures from the World War II Memorial and from across the river by the Marine Memorial.

Part of what is interesting about this spread is that I did not add anything to the left hand page.  This was some background paper that I had purchased before I went on the trip and I thought that it could stand alone very nicely while drawing attention to the items that I added on the right hand page.

On the right hand page are some pictures that I took, a patch that I purchased at a local souvenir store, a sticker of the Monument from a craft store, and a stamp that I purchased as part of a set in a souvenir store.  Look for more stamps on other pages :).

I placed the stamp in a stamp protector sleeve that I bought at a local craft store so that I wouldn’t have to stick it to the page directly, and the black background of the protector matched the black border of the patch perfectly.  To help the photographs fit in with this motif I created a black border for the photographs as well.

Notice that I put the Washington Monument sticker right over the top of the photograph.  I enjoy this layering technique – but be very careful, it can be very difficult to move the sticker once you have applied it.

Don’t be afraid to buy unusual items that you can add to your memories.  In this case the stamp collection seemed like a weird purchase at the time, but as you will see as we work through this series, they really add to the interest of the pages.

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