Washington DC 2012: Marine Corps War Memorial and Air Force Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Marine Memorial and Air Force Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Marine Memorial and Air Force Memorial

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The next two stops on our tour were the Marine Corps War Memorial and the Air Force Memorial.  The left hand page showcases the Marine Corps War Memorial.  I used a circle cutter to cut the two pictures that are circles and their borders.

The right hand page showcases two photographs that I took of the Air Force Memorial.   There is a silver line that I drew diagonally across the page to represent the vapor trail that an airplane leaves in its wake.

I bordered all the pictures in this spread in black – first to help contribute to the solemnity of these memorial sites, and second to help tie the two pages together.

While I took many more pictures of our family at these locations, I felt that it was important to portray the sacrifice of the fallen, rather than to show off our family.  As we look back on these pages, they bring a sense of seriousness, but also allow us to remember our time there.

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  1. Love how you displayed your photos. The Marine Corps Was Memorial is a must see in Washington D.C. While I was there I photographed and posted all the war memorials and monument in D.C. on the National Mall. Thank you for the pingback and listing my post.



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