Washington DC 2012: Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC 2012: Lincoln Memorial

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The next stop on our tour was the Lincoln Memorial.  Again, this was another site where we were thankful to have a tour guide.  He explained the history of the building, explained the statue, and showed us some mistakes in the building, which I found very interesting.

On this page I used several pictures of the same item (the statue) and then placed them on the page in order so that you get a sense of movement around the statue on the page.  The left bottom picture on the right hand page is a little hard to read in this photograph, but it is a picture of the marker where Martin Luther King, Jr gave the “I have a Dream” speech.

You will also notice that I included a patch from the location, as well as another stamp from the collection.  I also did not corner cut any of the photos as I wanted the stark bleak lines to mimic the architecture of the Memorial.

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