Washington DC 2012: Mount Vernon

Washington DC 2012: Mount Vernon - Title Page

Washington DC 2012: Mount Vernon – Title Page

Our final day in Washington DC was spent at Mount Vernon, which is the homestead and final resting place of President George Washington.  This was the one place that my mother put on her “must-do” list while we were in Washington DC and we spent the entire day on this adventure.

Mount Vernon Tour Tip: In order to make the most of your visit to Mount Vernon, plan to spend the entire day, and eat at the Mount Vernon Inn.  I encourage you to purchase your tour tickets ahead of time so that you can choose the optimal time for viewing the inside of the home.  The estate is very large and will take a good part of the day in order to see everything.  Find out more at the Mount Vernon website.

We rode the trains as far south as we could go, and then were going to take a bus.  However, since it was Saturday the buses only ran on the hour instead of every twenty minutes, so I opted to take a taxi to Mount Vernon – it cost quite a bit, but it kept us from missing our tour time.  This first page commemorating our visit to Mount Vernon includes the logo from the gift store bag, and a stalk of wheat that my son picked up from the property farm.  The frame on the right hand side was cut using my Cricut machine.

Washington DC 2012: Mount Vernon - George Washington Tomb

Washington DC 2012: Mount Vernon – George Washington Tomb

The pictures on the left hand side of this spread are the view from the front porch (top) and a view from one of the covered walkways between buildings at the estate.  The pictures on the right hand side are from the final burial grounds of President George Washington.  Interestingly enough the tombs are in the narthex to the burial chamber as the tombs were too big to fit in the chamber.  The iron gate crossing the two pages follows the design of the iron work at the grave site and was also cut using my Cricut machine

Washington DC 2012: Mount Vernon - Ephemera

Washington DC 2012: Mount Vernon – Ephemera

This page showcases ephemera from our time at Mount Vernon.  On the left is the menu from the Mount Vernon Inn where we had lunch.  The right hand page has a place-mat from the restaurant as well as a map of the estate that is affixed to the outside of the plastic protector for easy viewing.
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