Washington DC 2012: Ephemera

Washington DC 2012: Ephemera

Washington DC 2012: Ephemera

Washington DC Tours
As is my custom on vacation scrapbooks – I create a page at the end of the album to showcase the ephemera that doesn’t fit on other pages in the album.  I have done the same here for our Washington DC trip:

  • A picture of my son with President Barack Obama!  Actually it is a fake picture that was created at the Old Post Office.  If you watched Amazing Race this last Sunday it was the exact place where the contestants had their pictures taken as one of the activities to accomplish.
  • A plastic map of Washington DC.  It was well used and banged up.  I created a pocket for it to slide in and out of.
  • Our Metro Rail tickets for the Week.  TIP – This is an excellent way to travel around the city at a relatively cheap price.  There is hardly anywhere to park in DC, so this is your best choice. Find out more at www.wmata.com
  • A picture of my son with break from Paul.  He loved this little restaurant and bread shop and we stopped here several times.


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