Washington DC 2012: Ford Theater

Washington DC 2012: Ford Theater

Washington DC 2012: Ford Theater

We were fortunate enough to be in Washington DC during a time when there was a play at the Ford Theater that was about the night that Lincoln was assassinated.  It was a fascinating view of the way that others in the Theater experienced the events of that night.  We arrived early and were able to sit in the front row!  The brass plates show the names of the people who gave a donation to the theater and normally sit in these seats when visiting the theater.  If you can’t make them out – They read “President George W Bush” and “Mrs Laura Bush” !  The right most picture is off the Presidential booth where Lincoln was assassinated.

On the left hand page I mounted a paper bag with brochures and maps from the Ford Theater and affixed a photograph of the outside of the theater on top of it.

You will noticed next to that a postcard of the Ford Theater with a diagonal border behind it.  This border is a little family secret – it is a hidden piece of ephemera.  My son enjoys finding fun things to put in our scrapbooks.  During the play a letter written by “John Wilkes Boothe” is torn into pieces.  After the play my son asked one of the actors if he could have the pieces for our scrapbook.  The actor said “why don’t I get you a brand new one” and brought this out and gave it to my son.  It is still sealed with the letter inside and we decided to hide it on the page for a fun family memory.

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