2007: Seaport Village

The second day of our first weekend together was spent at Seaport Village in San Diego, CA. They were having busker try out day.

Busker? What is a busker?  Wikipedia defines it as: “Street performance or busking is the practice of performing in public places, for gratuities, which are generally in the form of money and edibles. People engaging in this practice are called street performers, buskers, street musicians, minstrels, or troubadours.”

Basically Seaport Village was having multiple Buskers try out for the summer season, and we got to see all of them, and then vote on which ones we thought were the best ones.  The buskers with the most votes were hired for the season.  It was a wonderful day of free entertainment.

On the left page are pictures of some of the buskers (can you make out the Hula dancer behind my son’s head?) and our ride on the Carrousel. On the right hand page are pictures of the Henna tattoo that I let me son get.  After I allowed him to do this I remembered that I had to return him that night to the home where he was staying and I worried about what they were going to think about me letting him do that!  But – nothing was said and we moved forward to adoption.

I printed the words on my laser printer.  I had two pieces of the same background paper and I cut one down to 8.5×11″ and put it through the printer and it worked just fine.  I then mounted the printing on top of the border paper and it makes it look like it was printed directly on the background paper.  Notice that the borders on the right hand side are the same as the background paper on the left side.

Also worth noting on this page is the border corner cuts that I used – they actually create a photo mount so that I did not have to affix the pictures to the page – the corners hold them in place.  This is a great technique to use if you have pictures that you do not want to adhere to your pages.

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