2007: Our First Weekend

2007: Our First Weekend

2007: Our First Weekend

After several days of visiting my son on a daily basis, I was finally allowed to bring him home for an overnight stay for two nights – our first weekend together.

At the time I was working at Point Loma Nazarene University and on our first day of the weekend, had opportunity to take part in their graduation ceremonies and support some of our friends who were graduating.  It was fun to have pictures taken with my son in my academic robes, and he took great pleasure in taking pictures of me and friends with my digital camera.  Later that day we had opportunity to get out and skate a little.  My son loves hockey and skating, and one of my friends gave him some old equipment that fit him perfectly.  It was the perfect gift.

For this spread I used maroons and greens to tie the two pages together.  The green background on the left is structured and formal and “serious” – like graduation, while the swirls on the right are much more “fun”.  I kept the edges of the photographs on the left page at 90 degrees and added formal borders, while the pictures on the right have rounded corners and are more informal with no border.

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