2007: San Diego Zoo

2007: San Diego Zoo

2007: San Diego Zoo

You will notice that the remaining pages that I am going to share in this series are of all the places we visited in the first few months that we were together.  Some people may think that I spoiled my son in the first few months, and they are probably right, but he and I have both turned out alright.  The other reason that we did a lot of things is that we were living in San Diego and there are a ton of things to do, and the culture is a highly active culture that gets out and does things.

In our adoption training they suggested not doing things out of the ordinary when having the initial weeks and months together – however even before my son joined my life I had a very active life – I have always enjoyed seeing new things and having new experiences.  So, to some extent I felt that I was including my son in my normal life.

So, one of our first adventures together was a trip to the San Diego Zoo.  My son was fascinated by the pandas and I decided to make them the focus of this page.  The right hand background page came with the panda print straight on it and I matched the light blue background on the left hand side.  I drew by hand the greeb bamboo with the Jolee’s panda sticker and I really like the way that it turned out.

You will also notice on the page that I added a zoo patch and a small rock with a carving on it – both of which I bought at the Zoo Gift Shop.

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