2012: Rhythm Discovery Center

2012: Rhythm Discovery Center

2012: Rhythm Discovery Center

Join Groupon for Free

Join Groupon for Free

After we were finished with the NASCAR Drive Along Experience we went to downtown Indianapolis to visit the Rhythm Discovery Center – an interactive experience with percussion instruments.  This is not a place to visit if you don’t like loud sounds!  And, as usual, I got a great deal on groupon.com for our tickets!

We had a ton of fun at this location and it is a great place for families with kids of all ages to visit.  My favorite part was the massive drum head in the entrance way – you can see it with the three handsome men in front of it on the left hand page.  When you hit it with the mallet it made the whole area shake.

I based the orange color scheme for this page of of the brochure that I placed on the right hand page.  Since this was a double sided brochure I took two of them so that I could show the front and the back easily.

If you click on the picture above and then click again to zoom in, you will also be able to see that I cut circles out of a plastic sheet protector to put on the left hand page.  They are hard to see in the photograph, but they are visible on the page.  This was done to represent the drum heads that we were banging on in the exhibit.

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