2012: Lucas Oil Raceway – NASCAR Ride Along

2012: Lucas Oil Raceway - NASCAR Ride Along

2012: Lucas Oil RacewayNASCAR Ride Along

Join Groupon for Free

Join Groupon for Free

When we first learned that Jonathan loved racing I found a great deal on Groupon for a ride along in a NASCAR.  Groupon gives you extreme discounts on food and activities, and many of the things that we do together as a family are because of Groupon.  It is free to Join.

However, we discovered after I purchased the tickets that Jonathan was not allowed to participate due to Exchange Student Rules and insurance. He was very disappointed as you can imagine.  I didn’t want to waste the ticket however so we invited one of his new friends, Kegan to go with us, and we made our way to the Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis.

For this spread I used one page of black and one of white and then overlayed half of each of the them with the checkered flag paper.  I made sure to get the wrist bands and tickets on the page as well as the head liner that they had to wear under the helmet.  I very carefully cut the headliner in half so that I could affix it to the page – This is one of my favorite parts of this page.

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