2012: Ed Debevic’s

2012: Ed Debevic's

2012: Ed Debevic’s

While on our trip we made a stop at Ed Debevic’s.  Ed Debevic’s is a themed restaurant in Chicago.  It is 60’s themed, but the wait staff is also extremely rude to the patrons which is part of the fun experience.  The food is good and the experience is fun.  I am not sure that the boys got what was going on, but they enjoyed that the waitress called my salad “girly” and then made fun of my iphone case.

I got a great Groupon for Ed Debevic’s, and we went around 3pm which meant that there was not much of a wait.  When we left at 5pm, the line was out the door.

I had lots of ephemera on this page – the cooks hat that they gave all of us when we got there, the napkin, and of course – the napkin.  I choose a patterned background that reminded me of the table cloths in the restaurant.   I only had one sheet of it, and I wanted to create a border for the one picture on the right hand side, so I cut the border out from the left hand piece from underneath the brochure about the restaurant.

As I look back on this page I realize that I feel that the right hand side could probably have used a bit more detail on the page as it looks a little empty to me.  But there is not much that I can do about it now, since this page is in it’s album in Sweden.

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